Emotionally invested employees? Yes please.

Traction Pulse lets you capture employee sentiment in real-time. This allows you to increase retention, improve efficiency and champion effectiveness across your entire organization.

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How Pulse Helps

Our platform collects context-sensitive employee sentiment in real-time. Assign the right people to the right projects to ensure your employees are not only engaged, but thriving.

Increase employee retention.

Leverage real-time sentiment analysis to improve employee engagement and build a thriving workplace.

Efficiency through chemistry.

Complete projects with greater efficiency, while creating work your employees will actually enjoy taking on.

Focus on effectiveness.

Deliver value to customers rapidly, by being more in-tune with how your employees are feeling on a daily basis.

Gain real-time awareness of what makes your employees tick.

Traction Pulse delivers context-sensitive data, resulting in better informed managers, better data-driven conversations, better team dynamics and an overall workplace vibe that's just, well, better.

Enable your employees to be the very best version of themselves.

By sharing context-specific sentiments, your workers are more self-aware around what aspects of their job they find most fulfilling — and which aspects they find most painful.

With these insights, you can manage more effectively and delegate tasks more intentionally. Everybody's happy.

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"Pulse has been instrumental in helping us manage our 3,300% growth over the past five years. It has allowed us to be more nimble in how we respond to shifts in the marketplace and has enabled us to nurture a mindset that encompasses joy, well-being, and a sense of purpose in everything we do."

Greg Malpass

Founder & CEO, Traction on Demand

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With stronger employee engagement
comes greater time to value.

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